The Journey of the Web,- 0.1, 0.2 and now 0.3

Published: 03rd February 2010
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Since 2003 Wordpress has slowly been gaining popularity amongst the elite of the internet, the bloggers. It is one of those few things available over the internet that are being used, modified and upgraded by everyone and anyone. The usage of wordpress even exceeds some of the commercial platforms as well.

With the passage of time each and every code of wordpress has been enhanced. The basic purpose behind this modification is the ease of typography. Have you ever wondered why so many people are using wordpress? The reason is simple, it is the biggest and most easily used blogging tool available to bloggers.

But if you are new to wordpress then you might be thinking where to start? What you need? What are the requirements? And many other such questions might be going through your mind. Using a wordpress is not very difficult, all you need is a web host which offers the minimum basic services and just a little bit of your time. Once you have fulfilled these basic needs you can start your own free customized blog by simply going to Here you can create a blog about any theme you can think of.

There is a wide variety of wordpress plug-ins available as well. Each of these plug-in is meant to assist different types of users. Whether you want to keep a track of your stocks, develop a new website, or even start a new ecommerce business you will find a plug-in that will help you in achieving your goal. Let us take ecommerce plug-in for instance. Shopp and WP e-commerce are two plug-ins specifically developed to help in creating an easier shopping cart application.

On one hand is WP e-commerce (WPeC) which is perfect for brand labeling, record labeling, those who are interested in arts and crafts, dvds, MP3s, clothing companies and such. While on the other hand is the Shopp which is good for feature-rich stores available online. It is much easier to customize your store with the help of Shopp plug-in as it gives you much more flexibility then what is offered by WPeC. Another advantage that Shopp have over WPeC is that it works much smoothly with other wordpress plug-ins as compared to WPeC.

So whether you are a casual blogger or a creative one you can find that wordpress and its plug-ins are always there to help you.

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